Falling again… and again XD

So… this week’s been pretty lame. First of all, I’m about to ding to lvl 40 and there is absolutely no way I would manage to get that 90 gold I need for my mount, besides, I got no time even to do an instance so I’m most of all  buying and selling stupid things from AH.
Second of all, Val’s gone to a RP server for a week, a promise she says, what could I do against a promise? that is the rub.
Well, this and an idiotic fight with a group I had, nothing better, I’m turning in I guess, this is not one of the days I would most likely want to tell about…
Anuncio publicitario

Priest Journey FTW

It’s the second time today I’m writing this, I do hate this keyboard!!! I don’t exactly know what I did wrong but all I had written before this got erased… =_=
Anyway, this… is my new priest journal, an stupid idea I had about starting a journal here telling everything that happens to me in the middle eart… I mean, in the world of warcraft (aka WoW). Being a Night Elf Priest there and having been around for a while I must say I have many stories, not such as the ones in RL, but some stupid stories that somehow serve to my humble purposes of making a retrait of the human (and elf, gnomish, dwarf….)spirit.
It would have been easier if it hadn’t erased… well, starting this week, I made my home in desolace, a place I feel somehow very lonely, maybe because of the fact that here is where I learned to solo for the first time… in lvl 32. I have never been alone doing quests before, I mean, I always had a party anywhere but here, found some very unuseful people and some quests really made to be done alone. No matter how, I almost finished there, I’m moving to southshore soon, but I must say that It’s been a nice place to learn how harsh it is for a priest to be lonely, which was not my intention in the first place.  I mean, I have been thinking about that since Val asked me, a week or so ago, why I did  become a Priest ( I said because I liked to heal in that moment). But now I feel that I wanted not to  be alone in the world, I wanted someone I could joke with and share some insight like "why would a bird drop a belt? " or " how come a wolf gives me a sword? "
Whichever the reason was, I had to say I enjoy myself being a NE Priest, I had a lot more to say, my previous and erased post was more complete but got lost for good so… I guess I would be talking about my guild, Fenris Moon, about Val and his brother, the people from here and the new guild "made in peru" which I won’t be joining atm ^^’, next week or so.
It’s not the end  of this here (yes, I swear XD ), so see you next week 😉